Why we do what we do and how

Atacac is a Swedish based fashion studio founded by Rickard Lindqvist and Jimmy Herdberg. Atacac aims to rethink the way of design, sell and produce garments.

We do this because we believe it's necessary to find new ways of making clothes. We want to try out our theories in practise, explore new possiblities and hopefully inspire other brands to use our research & development. We believe this will be benefitial for all parts – for you, for me and for the planet.

The Design process

Atacac explores and develops an alternative model for designing that takes as its point of origin the actual, variable body. Instead of a static matrix of a rigid body, this kinetic garment construction theory is visualised through balance lines and key biomechanical points. For a deeper understanding of the design method please read the digital book Kinetic garment construction.

An example of a pattern for the atacac /-Shirt made in one piece.

Presenting and selling garments

Today it is possible to digitally render and visualise three-dimensional garments. However, in comparison to other design disciplines, such as industrial design or architecture, 3-D digital visualisation in the fashion industry is still done in a limited scale. Three-dimensional visualisations open up for new ways of communicating and presenting garments and also radically changes the design process as two-dimensional sketches become obsolete.

Step 1: We design 3D models of the garment with computer software.
Step 2: We visualize the garment by build a virtual studio.

Our ambition is to combine the theories of pattern making and design presented in Kinetic Garment Construction together with the techniques of 3D visualisation. We incorporate these with Kokokaka’s solid experiences of digital visualisation and communication to develop working methods and to design products.

I'm not for real.
I am...

Based on the ability to digitally visualize the garments before they are made, combined with online sales, we present a business model in which the garments are for sale before they are produced, and priced according to an algorithm similar to that used for flight tickets with dynamic pricing. This means a lower price before the item is produced, a "normal" price when the item is stocked and an increased price when the goods are about to run out of stock. Read more about our price model

About us

Rickard Lindqvist is a fashion designer and researcher. His research proposes new foundations, theories and methods for pattern cutting and stretches between blue-skies research and applied projects. Rickard was originally trained as a men's tailor, in addition to studying fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles from where he also holds a PhD in fashion design. Between 2007 and 2011 he ran the eponymous Rickard Lindqvist fashion label. As a consultant he has served clients such as Vivienne Westwood and Nudie Jeans.

Rickard "Scissorhands" Lindvist

Jimmy Herdberg is the founder of Kokokaka, a creative studio and producers of digital haute couture. He discovered the world of programming when he was 12 years old and have since then been obsessed by the power of the digital world. Since the beginning of the 21st century Jimmy and his creative team have explored the world between digital and fashion for clients such as Wrangler, Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

Jimmy Herdberg & Rickard Lindqvist

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