Different from the outside in

Innovation is beautiful

Movement is the nexus of our construction process, the seed which spawns Kinetic Garment Construction. This methodology allows our garments to move seamlessly with natural human dynamism. By considering movement first, we shift the focus to wearability without sacrificing style.

One Jumpsuit to Rule Them All

available for download

Subversion Jacket

available for download

Screw Trousers

available for download

Subversion Shorts

available for download

One Pocket to Rule Them All

available for download

Nikka Bokka

available for download

It’s not only a look, but an experience.

A garment only fully expresses itself in tandem with a body. In wearing Atacac you can feel the difference between a pattern designed with the natural movement of a body and one designed by traditional means. Our garments look different because they are designed differently.

A spectrum of identities.

"Our genderless garments reflect the increasing recognition of every individual’s fluidity. Removing the social norms surrounding garments gives us all a little more freedom to be ourselves."

Let your body dictate the design.

Traditional designs use two dimensional drawings manipulated to become three dimensional objects. Using a rectangle with modifications is praxis to make this fit your body. Shouldn’t your body dictate the design instead of the other way round?

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