Atacac Crypto Art Colab

During 2021 we have chosen to collaborate with selected artists from our hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. We combine an artwork from the artist with an Atacac garment, and now we release it for sale in a unique edition. The garment has a virtual twin, a Non Fungible Token (NFT), to prove its authenticity.

To get everything in place, we start softly with a release by J.Herdberg, co-founder of Atacac.

Current Auctions

Each item is sold through an auction on the platform OpenSea. The item ships worldwide within a month after the auction is closed.

#001 BÄCKAR-2962-G12


#002 BERG-5638-G12


#003 STRÖMMAR-9311-G12


#004 FÄLT-9311-G12


Atacac x J.Herdberg

Jimmy is a crypto artist making generative art. His artworks are generated out of a single algorithm — a code that can draw. Each artwork has a set of parameters that are logged into the algorithm, which then the software outputs into a unique artwork.

His work is an exploration of the connection between maths, music, art and nature. This release features 4 unique scarves, released in only one unique edition each.


What are Crypto Art and NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) make it possible to collect and own digital assets. NFTs can be purchased and sold by collectors and use blockchain technology to keep track of ownership. An NFT is like the autograph on an item, as opposed to the item per se. The art is readily accessible for everyone, but it has a unique owner — isn't that great?

How do I buy it?

To buy Crypto Art you need to create a digital wallet, add funds to it and then create an account on a portal like OpenSea where we sell our items — read more on the guide below!

Open an account on

Isn’t crypto bad for environment?

It is true that crypto currencies use electricity to secure safe transactions. They are also used for illegal transfers, money laundering and more. It is undeniable that there is a dark side to the crypto coin, but so it is for traditional currencies. To this day, about 1.7 billion people in the world do not own a bank account. Crypto currencies can be used by anyone, anywhere without any intermediary, and this is what makes them so revolutionary.

While indeed crypto currencies aren’t perfect today, we believe they will have a strong impact on the future by being an accelerator of possibilities and will help many people that can’t access traditional economies yet. That’s why we have chosen to invest in its potential. And already today they are helping the creative community to get paid for their work.