Made in Sweden

Good wages for industrial workers - The Swedish model

In Sweden, worker unions and employers have a long history of negotiations to assess what people require for a productive and happy life. Swedish wages are among the highest in the world--because they provide what workers need. This in turn supports a tax system to build a very high standard of infrastructure, health care, and education for everyone. This is how we believe we can work together to build a better future.

Craftmanship is the future – with the help of digitalisation.

We use digital design software from the birth of a garment to the final product images. Designing, prototyping, and presenting our collections digitally reduces waste and leads the craftmanship of creating garments into the future.

We're all in this together.

We combined design and production in the same location to take as much responsibility in the supply chain as possible. In sourcing fabrics, we choose mills from inside Sweden and the EU in order to reduce environmental costs of transport and to support good working conditions further down the supply chain.

Don't bite off more than you can chew.

The planet simply does not have the resources to produce more inventory than can ever be sold. That's why we use a pre-order model to ensure that we don't make more items than people want.

The most sustainable factory in the world?

Sustainability isn't just about material use. That's why our business model integrates social equity, digital processes, and smart logistics, and using green energy to power our factory.

Innovative Design

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