Sustainability thinking

Fashion for the new generation

Our vision is to reinvent fashion by combining new technology with art and traditional craftsmanship. We create fashion for the new generation who care about the future, a future that we want to design beautifully. And we want to do it with you!

Sustainability approach

We focus on sustainability by working with a small collection of timeless silhouettes in carefully selected fabrics. We produce locally and strive for being radically transparent about everything.

We choose our fabrics according to the criteria that are produced with the least possible environmental impact, not contain toxins, allergens or genetically modified organisms.

Most important we try to make clothes to love and wear for a long long time.

Don't bite off more than you can chew.

The planet simply does not have the resources to produce more inventory than can ever be sold. That's why we use a pre-order model to ensure that we don't make more items than people want.

A Virtual dressing room

We will soon also open up our virtual dressing room where you will be able to try our garments virtually. Our goal is to give you a better understanding of how our garments look on you and that you will always find the right size. We also believe this will minimize the returns which is good for the environment and will also make easier for us to keep the price down on our garments.


Dressing Room