Transitions in the Anthropocene

The world is suddenly thrust into a rapidly evolving existence. Atacac continues to respond to the increasingly urgent call for innovation as survival. Both design and production innovate and react to the world we're in now, and the future we're building together.

Nine Unique Garments

Simplicity is beautiful, elegant, and effortless. Our new collection of nine unique garments offers unlimited combinations. Only your imagination sets the boundaries.

Screw Trousers Noir


Nikka Bokka

a few in stock

One Hat to Rule Them All

a few in stock

One Shirt to Rule Them All

a few in stock

Subversion Jacket

a few in stock

Subversion Shorts

a few in stock

Waste Not Tank Top

a few in stock

One Pocket to Rule Them All

a few in stock

One Jumpsuit to Rule Them All


One Capsule Wardrobe

Love everything you see? Order the entire set! Pre-order the entire capsule and receive personalised fitting advice and an additional discount.



Gots Certified Jersey Cotton knit

Organic Cotton

Ripstop Cotton

Four Natural Fabrics

We chose linen and cotton as our fabrics for this collection to create garments that are comfortable, stylish, and can be easily recycled. Our cotton jersey is knitted in Ljungskile, Sweden from 100% GOTS certified cotton. Our linen and ripstop cotton are woven in England, by Brisbane Moss and The British Millerain respectively.

If you snooze, you lose!

Pre-ordering allows us to keep costs and waste to a minimum. Sizes and stock are very limited after production ends, so if you love it make sure you get one!

How does pre-ordering work?

Order the garment during production and get a discount. After we finish production, the price increase reflects the cost of storing the unsold garments.

Innovative Design

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